Websites Gone!

wondering where and went?

Unfortunately my web host provider had some issues last week, I received this email from them:

We’ve suffered a catastrophic failure on this node where multiple SSD controllers failed. All data has been lost. 

We’re in the midst of setting up a new node with new NVME drives and are working to restore all the backups. 

From the looks of it the backups are a few days old but you should be back online in a day or so. 

We will send updates over email, please do not bump this ticket or reply to it until we say everything is restored and you’re still having issues. 

We apologize for this, this is not how we wanted to spend our week. 


not sure if they will restore my site from backup so I will probably be rebuilding the site from scratch soon, stay tuned for updates.

BMX Freestyle in the Olympics

I am so stoked that BMX Freestyle is added to the olympics!!!, not just for the USA, but for the global BMX Freestyle community around the world.

As far as I can tell the global BMX community is the most tight knit community in the sports world where the comradery is unmatched by any other sport and knows no boundaries, no matter where you go in the world, you will always meet cool people that ride BMX regardless of where you are from.

Here are a couple of links to read and get stoked on:


The USA Officially Has a Freestyle BMX Team