Found this video a while back on youtube searching for the best way to pack my BMX bike in a bike flight (golf) bag for a flight to California and I found this awesome video (below) and on a side note I did not realize Alfredo Mancuso was part owner of the come up and the onsomeshit store until I watched this video, in this very informative video he shows you:

  • How to get your bmx bike in the back seat of your sedan, in the trunk of your wagon or hatch back.
  • How to properly use a roof rack with your BMX.
  • How to take your bike apart and put it in a “Golf bag” for air travel.

Alternatively for air travel, you can use a great service called BikeFlights that basically ships your BMX bike via Fedex, all you need is a BMX box that typically comes with a complete BMX bike (they have the BMX box dimensions in the drop down menu) or you can use a bike flight bag (golf bag)and they can match or beat the cost of you checking in your bike at the airport.  I have used the service and it is really simple and straight forward.